President Steve Semenchuk
President Steve Semenchuk

Steve was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, and following High School attended Carleton University under the Reserve Officer University Training Plan (ROUTP). He completed Basic Officer Training at Shilo, Manitoba, and was Commissioned in September 1969 as an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, Primary Reserves. He held various contract positions from 1969 to 1973 and rose to the rank of Captain. .

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On August 27, 1973 he joined the RCMP as a Special Constable Member and was posted to “O” Division where he worked the front desk at the old Jarvis Street, Toronto, HQ. During his time as a S/Cst he was promoted to Special Constable Supervisor, Property Security Unit. He converted to Regular Member status in 1989 and returned to Depot for additional training after which he was transferred to Oakville Det GIS. In 1990 he was again transferred, this time to the Executive & Diplomatic Protective Service (E/DPS) where he was subsequently promoted to Corporal / Shift Supervisor. In 1993 he transferred to Hamilton Det and then Milton Det in 2005. From 1993 until retirement he worked in the Commercial Crime Section (CCS) with positions in the in the Tax, Bankruptcy and Major Fraud Units. Promoted to Sergeant in 2005 he took on roles including Project Leader, NCO i/c Central Intake, and GTA CCS Admin/Ops Support NCO. In 2009 he joined the "O" Division Management Review Team. During his career he worked many interesting files, both domestic and international, various Economic Summits and provided close protection to numerous Diplomates and VIP's. His investigative duties allowed him to work and develop close relationships with partner agencies including local Police Services, the OPP, FBI, Scotland Yard, Revenue Canada, Service Canada, OSC, and SEC. He was also an active member of the RCMP Member and Employee Assistance Program (M/EAP) from its' inception until his retirement.
Upon retiring in January 2011 Steve joined the Milton, Ontario, Army Cadet Corps as a volunteer and then a Canadian Forces (Primary Reserve) Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer. He remained in this role as a Second Lieutenant until he was required to (again) retire from the Military in January 2015. He is currently under contract to the Department of National Defence as a Civilian Instructor with the 2990 Lorne Scots (Milton ON) RC Army CC.
Wishing to maintain social ties with those members he had worked with or met during his 37-year career, Steve joined the RCMP Veterans’ Association, Toronto Division, shortly after leaving the Force. Since then he held the positions of Treasurer and Vice President before assuming the role of President. He strongly believes in supporting our retired and veteran members and working to enhance the mission and vision of Toronto Division.

Vice President

Bob Elliott (on the left)

Bob is also our Acting Social Committee Chairman


Micheal Catton

Division Secretary

Jenny Catton

Sick Committee

Jack O'Reilly
Jack O'Reilly


Gerry McMillan
Gerry McMillan

Widows/Widowers Committee

R.F. (Bob) Lunney manages the Division Widows and Widowers Program. Bob Lunney has served with the RCMP in Toronto, the Yukon and Ottawa, as Edmonton’s chief, Commissioner of Protection, Parks and Culture in his Winnipeg home town, and finally in Peel. Additionally he served as the President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and spent 12 years as a consultant in several countries. Bob brings a huge toolkit to the job of Division Secretary and we are immensely grateful for his participation on the executive.


Division Benefits Officer


Duties currently being filled by Chris Lavin

Social Committee Chair


Duties currently being filled by Vice President Bob Elliott

Past President

James A. Brown

James joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1965, and served in the Military Police until June 1970 with stints in the Air Defense Command in Canada and Germany. He then decided to move to civilian policing and joined the Peterborough Police Service in August 1973 and continued on as a constable in general investigations until he joined the RCMP in June 1976. Whilst serving in the Force, James worked in general investigations, serious crimes and as an intelligence officer. He also took the time to acquire a BA in Psychology from Waterloo University in 1993 and after leaving the Force in 2006 acquired a subsequent MA in Social Psychology in 2012 again from University of Waterloo. In 1984 he wrote “A Guide to Arson Investigation” which was used by investigators in “K” Division (Alberta) and his thesis for his MA was titled “Does Affirming the Self Decrease the Desire to Join a Gang?”. He is a member of the Association for Psychological Science, the Past President of Kawartha Friends of the Osprey and Secretary of the Blue Knights International Motorcycle Club, Inc. Kawartha - Chapter XV.

IT Manager

James Forrest

Toronto Division Advocate

Chris Lavin

Acting Benefits Officer

Bursaries Coordinator

Ken Cornforth