Why We Serve

Why We Serve

Why We Serve: Stories of Today’s RCMP Members Hardcover – May 23 2023

Stories of today; celebrating 150 years.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a police officer? From saving lives, setting a positive course for youth as positive role models, intercepting, preventing and investigating crimes, representing Canada abroad, and arresting suspects, these are some of the stories of why RCMP officers serve. The National Police Federation proudly represents about 20,000 Members across Canada and internationally, all of whom make important, selfless, and immeasurable impacts on the communities they work in. This book celebrates RCMP Members serving today, during the RCMP’s 150th anniversary, through the stories of 150 Member officers. This limited-edition book also features photos from across Canada, and demonstrates how our Members support Police Dog Services, the RCMP Musical Ride and Depot – the RCMP’s national training academy.

Details available at https://whyweservebook.ca/

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