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VAC Mental Health Assistance now available to RCMP veterans and families

VAC Assistance Services is now available for all RCMP Veterans and their family members where they can obtain up to 20 confidential sessions per issue with a Mental Health Professional at no cost to the Veteran or his or her family.
“Family” means a spouse (including a common-law spouse), unmarried children (including an adopted child, step-child or foster child) who are 21 years of ageor under, OR over 21 up to and including 25 years of age and in full-time attendance at school, OR who are wholly dependent because of physical or mental impairment, if such impairment existed prior to the child’s reaching age 21, or commenced while the child was covered as a student over the age of 21.
Q. How do I access this service?
A. Call 1-800-268-7708.
Q. For what issues can I access this service?
A. The VAC Assistance Service can help you deal with the following concerns:
  • transition to civilian life
  • marital and family problems
  • interpersonal relations
  • personal and emotional problems
  • stress and burn-out
  • conflict at work or home
  • grief
  • any other concerns affecting your well-being
Q. Who provides this service?
A. Through an Memorandum of Understanding between the RCMP, Health Canada, and Veterans Affairs Canada, this service has been extended to former members of the RCMP and their eligible family dependents. While the service is provided through Health Canada, the RCMP is responsible for the costs provided by these services.
Q. Do I need a Disability Pension under the Pension Act in order to access this service?
A. No. You just need to be a former member of the RCMP or an eligible family dependent of a former serving RCMP. Serving members of the RCMP and their eligible family dependents access Employee Assistance Services.
Q.Where can I find out information on VAC Assistance Service?