RCMP Medals Award

Toronto Division Attends RCMP “O” Division Long Service Medal Award Ceremony in Milton, Ont

On January 31, 2023 members of Toronto Division were invited and attended the “O” Division RCMP Long Service Medals Award Ceremony in Milton, Ont.

Present from the RCMP were,

Assistant Commissioner Jodie BOUDREAU
Commanding O(ficer of 0 Division

Chief Superintendent Matt PEGGS
Officer in Charge, Criminal Operations

Chief Superintendent Jamie ZEITLER
Support Services Officer

Superintendent Anne KOENIG
Officer in Charge, Federal .Operations Support Branch
GTA Transnational Serious and  Organized Crime

J Superintendent John NUVOLONI
Officer in Charge, Federal Operations Support Branch

Superintendent Wait BOOGAARD
Officer in Charge, Admin. & Personnel

Superintendent Kevin MCGONIGAL
District Manager, Transnational Serious
and Organized Crime

Sergeant Major ~Damien SMITH
Parade Crimmander

Staff Sergeant William EROS
Master of Ceremonies

Sergeant Yves Labbe
Ceremonial Aide

Representing Toronto Division were:

President: Steve Semenchuk

Director: Jack O’Reilly

Advocate: Chris Lavin

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