Standing up for Surrey RCMP Members and Raise Rumours

Surrey RCMP Transition:
The NPF has recently completed an independent on-line survey of Surrey residents regarding their opinions and preferences about the future of policing in Surrey.
The results show very strong support of the RCMP and our members and, importantly, for the retention of the RCMP as the police of jurisdiction in Surrey.
The NPF has also reached out to various senior provincial and local government representatives to engage on this issue with little success, which is unacceptable given our status as your labour representative.
Given this political inaction, and with this data in hand, you will see more proactive public action by the NPF in the coming weeks on the Surrey transition and the Mayor’s short-sighted plan including editorial media outreach, advertising and a more assertive government relations program.
We’ll provide more information and examples after we launch later this week.
Rumors about Raises:
The NPF Bargaining Committee has been meeting in this past weekend to finalize Member priorities.
We have not yet had our first meeting with Treasury Board, which is expected towards the end of March.
As updated on April 3 and July 9, 2019, we have not received any proposal of any interim raise from Treasury Board. Should the NPF receive any proposal regarding an interim raise, we will let you know.

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