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Sections 40 and 42 Removed from Bill C-7

After today’s (April 21st) Public Safety and National Security Committee Hearing on Bill C-7, our Executive Officer provided the following report:
Sections 40 and 42 were unanimously removed from Bill C-7 as well as redundant s. 74.
Liberal members voted against the Government’s own legislation.
These are the only amendments made by SECU to Bill C-7.
C-7 as amended will now be tabled in the House for vote at third reading.
The Association’s representation on this Bill sought to have Sections 40 and 42 removed and they have been – a substantive successful effort.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I extend congratulations and “job well done” to Mark Gaillard and Ron Lewis who contributed many hours and effort to this outcome.

Thank you.

Dave Leblanc