RCMP Workplace Harassment Investigation

From: The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP <harassment@crcc-ccetp.gc.ca>

Subject: RCMP Workplace Harassment Investigation

Message Body:

RCMP Veterans’ Association – Toronto Division,

The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of workplace harassment at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as requested by the Honorable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety. 

The Commission’s investigation will review the adequacy and sufficiency of RCMP national policies, procedures and training in relation to workplace harassment, including whether the 11 recommendations set out in the Commission’s 2013 Public Interest Investigation into RCMP Workplace Harassment have been implemented. The investigation will also review the status of the RCMP’s implementation of the Gender and Respect – The RCMP Action Plan and assess the effectiveness of these measures to address workplace harassment. In addition, to assess whether RCMP harassment investigations are being carried out in accordance with policies, the Commission’s review will include an examination of the RCMP’s handling of harassment complaints.

Furthermore, the Commission would like to gain insight from current and former RCMP members and employees about the nature and extent of workplace harassment; confidence in the reporting process; and, if applicable, any barriers to reporting.  The Commission also wants to learn about the impact of new harassment policies and changes to the Code of Conduct on the prevention and resolution of workplace harassment.

Consultation with current and former members and employees will be a key component of the Commission’s Investigation. The Commission is seeking to speak with individuals about the workplace experiences they have had as regular members and employees, be they positive or negative.  The information obtained by the Commission will inform the Commission’s report.  

 The purpose of this letter is to request assistance from your organization in reaching out to individuals who would like to share their personal views and experiences about their workplace. It would be of great assistance to the Commission if your organization would forward this letter to current and former RCMP members and employees that you may have contact with.

Information provided by current and former RCMP members and employees shall remain confidential.

For further information about the investigation, or to arrange a meeting, please email: harassment@crcc-ccetp.gc.ca, or leave a message at 1-844-620-9829.




The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP harassment@crcc-ccetp.gc.ca | Te.l: 1-844-620-9829