A woman places flowers at a memorial to three RCMP officers gunned down in Moncton, N.B., in June, 2014. (Andrew Vaughan/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

RCMP on trial: Stalled salaries, officer safety in focus

Globe and Mail lays out a litany of problems facing the RCMP


The Globe and Mail

Published Sunday, Apr. 23, 2017 9:13PM EDT


Early this month, RCMP Sergeant Chris Backus and his colleagues purchased some neon pink and orange duct tape. The West Coast Mounties stuck it on top of the traditional yellow pant stripes running the length of their legs. With that, they helped kick-start a workplace protest that spread like wildfire among uniform-wearing Mounties from coast to coast.

The subtle but significant show of Mountie disgruntlement is intended to draw attention to wages and working conditions in the national police force. Pay for police officers has stagnated in the RCMP, even as paycheques in big-city forces have ballooned.

 The full article is available here.

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