Passing of Reg # 15818 Sgt. Louis Mervin King

MP85 Patrol Boat Shaunavon II
MP85 Patrol Boat Shaunavon II

Passing of Reg # 15818 Sgt. Louis Mervin King
September 14, 1930 – December 27, 2017

Sadly, the Division conveys the news of the passing of Toronto Vets Life Member 15818 Retired Sgt Louis Mervin KING.  He passed away on Dec 27, 2017 at Cambridge, ON.
On the evening of Dec 26, Lou started up the stairs to go to bed and lost his balance and fell backwards hitting his head on the floor.
He passed away around 3:00 pm Dec 27.
Jack O’Reilly has spoken with Lou’s wife Julie and their son, Louis Jr on December 27.  At Lou’s request, there will be no funeral service.
Lou served from June 1949 to Sept 1974 with the Marine Division in “A” & “O” Divisions.  He joined the RCMP Veterans’ Association on September 13, 1974.
He was the Skipper of the RCMP Vessel MP 85 – the patrol boat Shaunavon II

A video of the launching of the Shaunavon II and it’s sister boat, MP82 Cutknife II is available by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Passing of Reg # 15818 Sgt. Louis Mervin King

  1. I met Lou in 1968 when I was tranfered to the Shaunavon from the East coast and Lou was the i/c.We did a lot of searches of large ocean ships when the Toronto Harbour was a busy port.Also we made many patrols down Lake Ontario and I must say it was a pleasure to work with Lou.My deepest sympathy to the King family’

  2. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Julie and her family. In the late 60’s I was stationed at Toronto Customs and Excise Section. Lou came through the office often to collect up extra help to search freighters in Toronto Harbour, a very active port in those days. I enjoyed the change of duty but it was certainly a work out. I have a lot of good memories of working with Lou and the crew of the Shaunavon as well as the many section parties which Lou and Julie attended.

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