Application Process

To become a  member of the RCMP Veterans’ Association, Toronto Division, the following process is used:

STEP #1 – Access the application by clicking on the following: Application Tor Div 2023

STEP #2 – Print it off and complete the Application.

STEP #3 – Send the completed application form with a cheque in the amount of $80.00 (Active Membership) or $25 (Associate, voting Membership) payable to the “RCMP Veterans’ Association – Toronto Division to the address shown below.  NOTE: Toronto Division Active Member ‘Dues’ include two amounts, the Association Dues payment plus the Division Assessment. For the period 2023 to 2025 the total yearly amount will be $80 made up as follows (Association/Division). 2023 – $50/$30, 2024 – $55/$25, and 2025 – $60/$20.

RCMP Veterans’ Association
Toronto Division
2679 Hardy Crescent
Oakville, Ontario
L6J 7C1

STEP #4 – The Treasurer will conduct the initial processing of the application and forward a copy to the Director – Membership.

STEP #5 – The Director – Membership will circulate the application to the Division Executive for review and confirmation of eligibility requirements.

STEP #6 – Upon approval, the applicant will receive a Letter of Acceptance and general information material.

STEP #7 – As a new member you are welcome to attend our general meetings where you will be officially welcomed by the Division President and the membership as a whole.