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Ford Canada Memorable Event

Ford Canada’s Memorable Event

Ford Canada, through their social media group BONDBL.COM, extended an invitation to our Association. They generously offered 20 tickets to a highly anticipated hocky game – the 2024 NHL All-Star Game held on February 3rd.   The news quickly circulated, and the division promptly responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” to the event project coordinator. With a tight turnaround, our Tor Div admin swiftly notified our membership. Simultaneously, we maintained close communication with the event coordinators, ensuring we had all necessary details for a successful outing.

During our discussions, an unexpected bonus emerged: an additional 20 tickets became available. We wasted no time and promptly included Georgian Bay and Golden Horseshoe Divisions in our messaging. Furthermore, we reached out to our partner, the RCMP Toronto Airport Detachment, extending a warm invitation to join us.

The resulting picture captures the joy of 40 individuals, primarily from Toronto Division. However, it also includes friends from Georgian Bay, Golden Horseshoe, and esteemed guests from the RCMP Toronto Airport Detachment.

Our experience was nothing short of delightful. We enjoyed exclusive seating in the private Ford Canada “Fan Deck” gondola, strategically positioned at the west end of the Scotiabank Arena. This spacious area allowed us to mingle, socialize, and revel in the game. The dedicated concession stand provided delectable food, snacks, and beverages, while private washroom facilities ensured comfort throughout the event.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and we extend our gratitude to the Ford Co and the Arena Staff for their exceptional treatment. In fact, every member expressed a desire to attend future Ford Co-sponsored events.

Midway through the event, our Division President, Steve Semenchuk had the privilege of a brief interview with a Ford Social Media representative. He eagerly shared insights about our Association, and its mission.

It sounds like a fantastic event, and I’m glad everyone had a memorable time!

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