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Death of OPP Sgt. Eric Mueller

Toronto Division of the RCMP Veterans Association expresses our deep sorrow at the death of OPP Sgt. Eric Mueller.  Our condolences go out to Sgt. Mueller’s family, colleagues and friends who will try to understand and cope with the senselessness of this attack.  Great strength will be required as will support and we are confident that both will be found over the coming days, weeks, months and years.

OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique has characterized this event as an ambush similar to what happened to OPP Constable Greg Pierzchala.  The Commissioner also mentioned that since last September,  10 police officers have been killed on duty. 

It is imperative that steps be taken to stop the taking of the lives of police officers.  We are pleased to note that the Province of Ontario has begun work on fixing its broken bail system.  Hopefully other governments will follow Ontario’’s example and hopefully more solutions will be found to stop further attacks on police officers.

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