If you feel you are entitled to benefits, please check the titles below for descriptions of some of the available programs. Click on the title for the complete data.


[expand title=”Disability Pension”]The Disability Pension is a tax-free monthly payment to compensate you for an injury or illness related to your service in the RCMP. The amount of the pension will depend on the degree to which your condition is related to your service (entitlement) and the extent of your disability (assessment). Disability pensions provide monthly tax-free payments to eligible: War Service Veterans (including Merchant Navy Veterans) of the Second World War or the Korean War Civilians who served in close support of the Armed Forces during wartime current and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Canadian Forces (CF) members and Veterans* Survivors / Surviving dependents can also qualify for benefits; please see the “Benefits for Survivors” section. The amount of a Disability Pension depends on: the degree to which that disability is related to your service (entitlement); and the extent of the disability (assessment). Your rank or years of military service have no impact on the amount you may receive. Additional pension amounts may also be awarded for qualified dependents (e.g. spouse, common-law partner and/or children). You may also qualify for additional allowances if you receive a Disability Pension. *Note: Typically, CF members and Veterans are covered under the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act and are entitled to a Disability Award. However, anyone who submitted an application prior to April 1, 2006 may still qualify for a Disability Pension for any condition(s) related to that application. Additional Pension Amounts for Dependents are increases to your disability pension to help boost your family’s income when you are responsible for any qualified dependents (e.g. spouse and/or children).[/expand]


[expand title=”Exceptional Incapacity Allowance”]Exceptional Incapacity Allowance is an additional tax-free monthly benefit. You may qualify for this allowance if you have a disability pension and/or POW compensation level of 98% or more, and an exceptional incapacity related to your pensioned condition(s). If you are receiving a Disability Pension and are exceptionally incapacitated you may qualify for an additional tax-free monthly allowance. The amount of the allowance is based on the extent of the pain and loss of enjoyment or shortened life expectancy. You may qualify for an Exceptional Incapacity Allowance if you: have a Disability Benefit of 98% or more; or have a combination of a Disability Benefit and POW compensation totaling 98% or more; and have an exceptional incapacity that is a consequence of, or is caused in whole or in part by the condition(s) for which you have received a Disability Benefit.[/expand]


[expand title=”Attendance Allowance”]Attendance Allowance is a tax-free monthly benefit to help you with daily living. It is provided to those who are totally disabled and have a disability pension (or POW compensation). The amount you receive will be based on an assessment of your day-to-day personal care needs.[/expand]


[expand title=”Clothing Allowance”]If you are receiving a disability benefit for a condition that causes wear and tear on your clothing or requires you to wear specially-made clothing, you may qualify for a monthly tax-free clothing allowance.[/expand]

University Health Network

If a Division member is undergoing any treatment at UHN they can access their medical records through the UHN Patient Portal by following the instructions provided in the above flyer.