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Association President’s Update – Bill C-7

Deputy Commissioner Dan Dubeau
Deputy Commissioner Dan Dubeau
As you should be aware, we met with Deputy Commissioner Dubeau and a number of his senior staff on March 31st at which time, it was agreed that a working group would be established to do a full review of Benefits. The following two (2) weeks have involved Hearings by the House of Commons’ Public Safety and National Security Committee on Bill C-7.

On behalf of the Association and its members, our Executive Officer, Mark Gaillard with assistance from our Chief Advocate, Ron Lewis, presented our objections to two (2) Sections which in our opinion (and that of other witnesses) are not required for the main purpose of the Bill – to provide for collective bargaining in the Force. These two sections would place members under the Provincial Workers Compensation regimes and the other section repeals what was put in the RCMP Superannuation Act in 1998 under Bill C-12. Without any details of the consequences of these amendments and consultations, no one has any idea what the impacts might or would be on serving, retired and/or former members; thus, the need for strong objections to these proposed amendments. So far, the Government witnesses were unable to provide those details and the other witnesses have all voiced objections. The Hearings continue and we all await the report of this Committee on Bill C-7 – whether it will be amended or proceed to the next Reading.

Discussions are underway to get the Working Group with the Force started on the review of Benefits and I will provide further update when the details are known.

We expect to provide an update to all our members in May or when the final Bill C-7 is known.

Thank you,
Dave Leblanc