We have been asked by a few Veterans as to how to go about obtaining either the RCMP Veterans Red or Blue Blazer. Either the Red or the Blue Blazer is totally acceptable for RCMP Vets functions. Having a Red Blazer made of Red Serge material requires the jacket to be custom made by a tailor and can certainly run you into some money and I understand many members avoiding this expense if they want to. Just remember, you don’t have to own either a Blue or Red Blazer to be a member of the Veterans’ Association, it’s just important to belong as an Active, Life, or Associate member. Having said that, here is some information for you.

The RCMP Stores on Coventry Road in Ottawa will still supply the Red Serge Material including the 17 mm and 19 mm RCMP buttons required to make the required blazers however they request that Divisions submit bulk orders as opposed to individual orders from members.

The Edmonton RCMP Veterans Canteen has taken over the supplying of all Vets equipment such as Ties, Wedge Caps, Cap Badges, Breast pocket Vet’s Crests for either a Red or Blue Blazer, They will also order red serge material and RCMP buttons for you. The Edmonton website is noted below and you can click on the link to see what they have for sale. They have been in the practice of purchasing a bolt at a time (about 25 -30 meters) of Red Serge material from RCMP Stores however they are not in a position to cut this material. They have left the bolt of material with DERKS (an Edmonton clothier) who will cut the desired amount of material on behalf of the Canteen (usually between 2 to 3 meters) and the canteen will charge you the same as the RCMP Stores. The only problem with that appears to be that you may be obligated to have your jacket then made by Derks in Edmonton. (This however has not been verified for certain.)

The Edmonton RCMP Vets Canteen website is:

If you wish a red blazer to be made for you, you must first order (depending on your size) 2-3 Meters (as suggested by your tailor) of Red Serge Fabric through the Edmonton Canteen or through a bulk order to the RCMP Stores on Coventry Road in Ottawa.  You may call the Edmonton Canteen at 705-412-5572 for more information.

A new Red Serge blazer is a custom made item and you will be required to have it sized and made by a reputable tailor.  A Blue blazer on the other hand is an off the rack item and can be purchased, along with grey pants, from any clothing store.

Toronto Vets

Toronto Division Members have used and recommend the following tailors.

Thornhill Tailors,
7715 Yonge St.,
Thornhill, Ont.
(905) 889-1772. This is located on the East side of Yonge, in the first block north of John/Yonge intersection in Thornhill. Parking in the rear.

John Tomazic
Esquire Custom Tailors
2406 Kingston Rd.,
Scarborough, ON M1N 1V2
416-261-0296 Res 416-266-2601


From time to time either a Red or Blue Blazer becomes available due to closet shrinkage or following the death of a member and the blazer is donated to us.  When this happens be are only too happy to put the Jacket back into circulation to a member who is the same size. You can contact us to see if one is available.