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The Honourable Marco Mendicino February 19, 2023
Minister of Public Safety

Re: Support Changes to the Criminal Code of Canada Bail Reform

By way of this correspondence, the RCMP Veterans’ Association is supporting a call for changes to the bail system that pertains to repeat violent offenders.

As violent crime appears to be escalating in Canada (Ref: Statistics Canada A comprehensive portrait of policereported crime in Canada, 2021), year 2022 alone saw five Canadian police officers killed in the line of duty; Cst. Andrew Hong, Cst. Morgan Russell, Cst. Devon Northrup, Cst. Shaelyn Yang, and Cst. Grzegorz Pierzchala.

Unfortunately, these murdered officers paid the ultimate price and have now become a statistic showing a significant increase of violence toward Canadian Law Enforcement
officers compared to previous years.

There is also an ongoing safety concern for the general public if the necessary changes to the bail reform act are not made.

The James Smith Cree First Nation mass killings on September 4th, 2022 is another tragic example of the ongoing failure of the system. Those who have the ability to make the necessary changes must not forget the identities of all those who were killed or suffered severe harm at the hands of a known violent offender while out on bail. This trend must not be allowed to continue.

Many members of our Association, living in communities throughout Canada, have advised that their friends and neighbours have spoken about the need for bail reform and that
safety of all Canadian citizens should be of the utmost priority to our politicians and law makers.

The RCMP Veterans’ Association adds our support to the voice for legislative changes to the Criminal Code of Canada that will not only enhance safety to law
enforcement personnel but strengthen public safety as well.

Sandy Glenn, President

RCMP Veterans’ Association

Cc: Members of Parliament

Members of the Canadian Senate

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

Police Blue Ribbon

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