Toronto Division Manual


Toronto Division – R.C.M.P. Veterans’ Association


1. General
2. Recognition Pins (Longevity & Service)
3. Reports
4. Reserved


5. Elections
6. Division Executive Committee
7. Membership Fees
8. Meetings
9. Reserved


10. Divisional Accounts
11. Banking Detail
12. Disbursements Policy
13. Annual Audits
14. Annual Budgets
15. Division Register
16. Reserved


17. Social Committee
18. Sick Committee
19. Benefits Officer
20. Newsletter Editor
21. E-Mail Director
22. Canteen Manager
23.Widows Committee
24. Graves Inspection Program
25. Historical Research Program
26. Division Member Registry
27. Amending procedures

APPENDIX 1 – Bursaries Policies

APPENDIX 2– Sick Committee Policies

APPENDIX 3– Grave Site Inspections

APPENDIX 4– Historical Research

APPENDIX 5– M.O.U. with Jym Grimshaw Enterprises, Inc.


R.C.M.P. Veterans’ Association Toronto Division Manual

Divisional Procedures


The Division shall be known as Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans’ Association, Toronto Division and will be located in or near the City of Toronto, Ontario.



1. An application for Non-Voting membership shall be handled in accordance with National Administration Manual I.1. An application for Voting Membership is approved when accepted by the Credentials Committee.
2. A Credentials Committee shall be appointed by the President at the December general meeting.
3. The committee shall consist of the Division’s Vice-President as Chairperson and such other persons as are from time to time deemed to be required.
4. The committee shall pursue every opportunity to increase Division membership and will maintain close liaison with National Headquarters for advice of retiring Force members and other eligible persons transferred to the Toronto area.
5. Spouses or partners of Active Members in good standing or Life Members, and widows or widowers of deceased Active Members in good standing or deceased Life Members are, non-voting Associate Members of the division.
6. Members who had been awarded a Life Membership Award prior to June, 2014 shall retain said status. New Membership awards are to be in accordance with National Admin Manual Part I, Section 2.
1. Effective 1 January 2009, Life and Active Members in good standing on beginning their 10th year of eligible membership in the division shall be awarded a Membership Recognition Pin and 10-year service bar and thereafter shall be awarded additional service bars at five-year intervals, i.e. a 15-year bar, a 20-year bar, etc.
2. Effective 1 January 2009, Life Members and Active Members holding any of the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Director shall upon being elected or appointed to the office be awarded a Service Recognition Pin and service bar that depicts the office that member holds.
3. Life Members and Active Members holding the office of President shall upon relinquishing that office, be awarded a service bar that depicts the office of Past President.
4. The Membership Recognition Pin and the Service Recognition Pin will be identical in design and format.
5. In those cases where a member has already been awarded a Membership Recognition Pin or a Service Recognition Pin, only the applicable membership or service bar will be awarded.
6. Pins and Bars will be obtained from such suppliers as may be selected by divisional officials appointed to manage this program.
7. Membership Recognition and Service Recognition awards for membership and service arising prior to 1 January 2009 are eligible for the awards outlined.
8. All costs of the Membership Recognition and Service Recognition program are payable by the division.
1. A Divisional Member Registry shall be compiled as per Part I, Section 3 of the National Administration Manual and Interim Status Reports to be as set out therein.


1. A nominating Committee as appointed by the President shall propose nominees for the Executive Committee at the November General Meeting. Before tabling its recommendations, the Committee shall determine each nominee’s willingness to stand for office and, if elected, serve.
2. At the December general meeting after the Nominating Committee makes its recommendations, the President shall invite nominations from the floor. If there are no nominations from the floor, the President will declare the various nominees elected by acclimation. If there are nominations from the floor, an election by way of a show of hands or by written ballot, at the President’s discretion, will occur for each office requiring an election. A simple majority will determine the outcome.
1. The Division Executive Committee shall consist of the President as Chair, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, elected Directors and such other persons as may be from time to time decided upon by the General Membership. The Division Executive Committee will hold office for the year following its installation at the December general meeting.
2. All Division documents, in particular the Division Register, shall be handed over to the new Division Executive on the latter taking office.
3. The Secretary and Treasurer shall provide all documents and assistance, annually, required by the auditor.
4. The Vice-President shall remit the per capita assessment covering active members to National Headquarters as required.
5. The Executive Committee shall generally supervise the Division and meet when called by the President, with five members thereof constituting a quorum.
6. The fiscal year shall end December 31st.
7. All official communications to National Headquarters, another Division, or to external recipients shall be over the signature of a relevant official of the Executive Committee.
8. No Division member shall act on his or her own pertaining to Divisional matters without Executive authority.
1. The annual membership fee is due and payable, on or before January 1st each year, by active members to the Treasurer of the Division. The Chair of the Membership Committee or other appointed official will issue receipts for all payments received.
2. Changes to annual membership fee rates shall be proposed by way of written Notice of Motion tabled at a General meeting and be discussed and voted on at a subsequent meeting. A two-thirds majority is required for approval.
1. General meetings will be held monthly, normally on the third Wednesday at 8 p.m., except for July and August. The Executive Committee may alter meeting times as circumstances dictate with advance notice to the membership.
2. A quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting of the Division shall be not less than five (5) members of the Executive Committee.
3. The regular General meeting convened in February shall be deemed to be the Division’s Annual General Meeting respecting the fiscal year ending the previous December 31st. Annual written Committee reports shall be submitted to this meeting for inclusion in the Division Register.
4. The proceedings of all meetings of the Division shall be recorded as Minutes in accordance with the Association Manual, Part IV – Divisions, Section 16 – Division Executive, para 5.
5. Part VI.22 of the Association Manual is the national policy regarding orders of dress of the Association It is intended to provide clarity while encouraging both uniformity and inclusiveness. It further provides Divisional-level discretion in specifying orders of dress commensurate with local ccircumstances. For Toronto Division monthly meetings and other division functions as circumstances dictate, members may wear red / blue blazers.


1. Three accounts will be held by the division: a General or Operating account; a Reserve account, and a Special Projects account. All accounts shall be under the management of the Treasurer.
2. The General or Operating account will be composed of cash and, at the discretion of the treasurer, GICs. It will be the division’s chequing account used for payment of the division’s routine expenses.
3. The Reserve Account shall not exceed $6,000 and its monies will be held in GICs. Reserve Account expenditures must be approved by the General membership on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. Approved outlays will occur by way of internal transfer to the General Account for disbursement per Article 7.3.
4. The Reserve Account is intended to be a pool of assets available to meet emergent or unexpected circumstances. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, reserve monies will be expended only on material capital or equipment acquisitions, one-time notable outlays, or for seizing extraordinary opportunity deemed beneficial to the division. Its funds are not to be used for routine, ordinary, or recurring operating costs of the division.
5. The Special Projects Account is to be used in the manner directed by the General members on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. Approved outlays will occur by way of internal transfer to the General account.
1. Division banking shall be conducted with a recognized bank or trust company as approved by the Executive Committee.
1. All disbursements except those from petty cash shall be by cheque. Disbursements by cheque will be drawn on the General account.
2. All cheques shall be signed by two authorized officials.
3. All disbursements shall be supported by suppliers’ invoices or when this is not feasible by internal requisition and in the case of petty cash by receipt.
4. Prior to the National Annual General Meeting or other special occasion, the General membership by way of majority vote at a regular meeting may approve allowable expenses of the Divisional delegate named to attend that meeting.
5. No Division property shall be acquired or disposed of except upon recommendation of the Executive Committee as approved by a simple-majority vote of the General membership at a regular meeting.
1. An independent review of divisional financial records shall be conducted annually the results of which shall be tabled with the Executive Committee for review before presentation to the General membership.
1. The treasurer shall prepare an annual Budget Plan that will be tabled for General Membership study and approval at the Division Annual General Meeting.
1. A Division Register shall be established and maintained by Toronto Division.
2. The Division Register is to contain: the Division’s Charter as issued by National Headquarters; the Division’s duly-approved Procedures; Minutes of the Division’s Annual Meetings; Reviewed Divisional Financial Statements; and details of the Division’s Real Property, if any, that is valued in excess of $1,000. Additional material at the discretion of the Executive Committee may be included in the Register.
3. The Division Register shall be held by the Division Secretary unless an alternate person is appointed by the Executive Committee to hold it and shall be passed on to any newly-appointed Secretary or alternate appointee.


1. The Chairperson of the Social Committee shall be a Director elected by the General Membership, sit as a member of the Executive Committee and shall carry out its duties
according to the wishes of the General membership for the benefit of the Division. The Director shall be assisted by other member-appointees as deemed appropriate.
2. The committee is responsible for providing cost estimates for functions planned for the coming year to the treasurer. These estimates will include projected costs for bartenders and food at monthly meetings.
1. The Sick Committee chairperson shall be a Director elected by the General Membership and sit as a member of the Executive Committee. The director shall be assisted by such other appointees deemed appropriate. All Division personnel are ex officio committee members.
2. All Division personnel have a duty to report cases of illness, distress or death of other members to a member of the Executive Committee who will communicate the intelligence received to the Sick Committee chair or other appropriate officials.
3. Members of the committee will endeavour to visit or otherwise keep in touch with ill or distressed members to promote their comfort. Cases warranting it may be referred to the Division Benefits Officer.
4. Members of the committee will advise the President and as many other members as possible on the death of a Division member and endeavour to promote funeral attendance by Division representatives. Appropriate assistance to the family of the deceased will be provided as deemed necessary.
5. A pall for draping the casket or the table on which an urn containing ashes will be made available on request
6. Divisional members selected for duty or in voluntarily attendance at a funeral are encouraged to wear the red or blue Association or RCMP blazer with full-sized medals. When issued, Mourning Bands will be worn on the left sleeve midway between the elbow and shoulder.
1. The Division Benefits Officer shall be appointed by the Division President and shall be a member of the Executive Committee.
2. While generally accountable to the Executive Committee for his/her activity, the Division Benefits Officer shall hold in confidence details of individual cases on which he/she works. Interaction with National Headquarters’ officials respecting enquiries from or applications to either the RCMP Benefit Trust Fund or the Association Benefit Trust
Fund shall observe all protocols in place or as required by Association/RCMP agreements.
3. Benefits Officer investigations and communications shall be conducted expeditiously with tact, confidentiality, and diplomacy to forestall undue embarrassment to the applicant or his/her family.
1. The Editor of the Newsletter shall be a Director elected by the General Membership, sit as a member of the Executive Committee, and be responsible for the publication of the Newsletter of Toronto Division and for its mailing to those who cannot (or do not wish to) receive it via e-mail.
2. The Editor will be supplied with material for publication from the General Membership or from the Division Secretary and other Divisional officials which will include Minutes of Regular or Executive Committee meetings and items of interest from local, other Divisional, or National Headquarters’ sources.
3. Costs of publishing and mailing the Newsletter shall be borne by the Division’s General account and an annual estimate of such costs shall be included in the Division’s Budget Plan for each year.
1. The E-mail Director shall be elected by the General Membership and sit as a member of the Executive Committee.
2. The E-mail Director shall develop and maintain a directory of e-mail addresses of those members of the Division who have them and to forward to these addressees Newsletters and attachments as received from the Editor of the Newsletter unless the addressee specifically requests he/she receive such items by regular mail.
3. The services of the E-mail Director may be utilized as appropriate in non-Newsletter mail outs.
1. The Division Canteen operations shall be under the control of an appointed Canteen Manager assisted by such persons as from time to time provide voluntary assistance at Canteen functions.
2. Toronto Division and Jym Grimshaw Enterprises Inc. may sign a Memorandum of Understanding containing an appropriate “quit clause” exercisable by either party that regulates the Canteen services provided by Jym Grimshaw Enterprises Inc. to and for the division.
3. Jym Grimshaw Enterprises Inc. will provide quarterly reports and remits to Toronto Division in keeping with the requirements of the Memorandum of Understanding.
1. The committee is composed of a Manager so appointed by the Executive Committee and such persons as from time to time who provide voluntary assistance.
2. The committee will endeavour through periodic contact to maintain liaison with the Division’s roster of widows or widowers.
3. The Division Benefits Officer will be contacted respecting circumstances affecting widows or widowers when the committee feels his/her attention is warranted.
The Grave Inspection Program shall be under the control of a Manager appointed by the Division, assisted by other members as /when required acting on behalf of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
The Historical Research Program shall be under the control of a Manager appointed by the Division Executive to maintain, organize, secure all Division historical artefacts, photographs, articles and history of the Division and to liaise with the Grave Inspection Program regarding the location of new graves of former members of the Force.
1. The Division Member Registry shall be under the control of a Manager appointed by the Division to compile information required and submit reports in accordance with National Association Manual PART I –MEMBERSHIP, Section 3 – Division Member Registry & Interim Status Report, 3.1 & 3.2
1. Amendments, deletions, or additions to these Divisional Procedures shall be preceded by Notice of Motion, duly seconded, tabled at any General meeting of the
Division which shall be voted upon at the next subsequent General meeting of the Division. A two-thirds majority of members present is required for approval.

APPENDIX 1 – Bursaries Policies

On June 16th, 2005 Toronto Division approved by Motion the creation of a Bursaries Program for the benefit of children and grandchildren of Members of Toronto Division. Policy for the Bursaries Program was approved by the same motion and an amended copy of same is attached hereto.
The initial Bursaries Program was established to operate for a term of three years after which time it was to be evaluated and a decision made on its continuance. The operation of the Bursaries Program was placed under the direction of a Bursary Manager for the three year term. The Bursary Manager is required to submit an Annual Report on the Bursaries Program. At the end of each three year term, the Bursary Manager will be required to make recommendations to the Division as to the continuance of the Program and any changes to its basic format. Any motion for changes to or the continuance of the Bursaries Program must be approved by a simple majority of members attending the meeting at which the motion is tabled.
APPROVED POLICY [This Policy was approved by a BURSARY AWARD PROGRAM Motion passed at the Toronto
Toronto Division Division General Meeting of
R.C.M.P. Veterans’ Association June 16th, 2005]
The Toronto Division Bursary Award program is intended to assist qualifying members of Toronto Division or their children or grandchildren in acquiring a post-secondary education. Up to three (3) Bursaries to a value of $750 each may be awarded each year and a person may only receive one bursary in a given year.
(Revised by Motion, November 2013 – Four (4) bursaries @ $1000.00 each)
Successful candidates will have met the following criteria;
Produced satisfactory proof of acceptance to an accredited institution
Produced a copy of their University/College Student Card
Completed satisfactorily an application form as designed by Toronto division.
All applications with required supporting documentation must be received by Toronto division in accordance with dates it establishes from time to time.
All applications will be reviewed by Toronto division’s Immediate Past President to ensure they fairly meet the requirements of the Bursary Award program.
Under the general supervision of three members of Toronto division’s Executive Committee (as selected by the division president), drawing of the winning entry(ies) will be made at the division’s regular meeting in September.
The Executive Committee will monitor and review at least every third year and more often if deemed appropriate the division’s Bursary Award program to ensure it is adequately funded and is generally being managed in the manner intended in this policy statement.
Subject only to approval of the policy being proposed for the management of Toronto division’s Special Projects Fund, the funding for the Bursary Award program to a maximum of $2,250 per annum will be from sources in the order listed: (Revised, November 2013)
Annual earnings of the Special Projects Fund
Annual earnings of any GICs held in the division’s operating account, and
Cash reserves in the operating account.
Payments to successful applicants will be by way of cheque drawn on the operating account and will be presented in a manner directed by the division’s president.
Toronto division reserves the right to dissolve or amend the Bursary Award program by way of enabling motion approved by a simple majority of members attending a meeting at which the motion is tabled.
The division treasurer will table an annual summary of all revenues and outlays recorded against the Bursary Award program for the information and approval of the division’s membership.

APPENDIX 2 – Sick Committee Policies

Members of our Association should keep the Sick Committee or a member of the Executive informed of any member or spouse of a member who is hospitalized or otherwise confined due to an illness or injury.
Where possible and appropriate, a member of the Sick Committee or other member of the Association will visit or make contact with a member who is hospitalized or otherwise confined due to illness or injury.
The Sick Committee or a member of the Executive will arrange for a suitable ‘comfort’ such as flowers or fruit basket for a member or their spouse, not more than once every six months, under the following circumstances and guidelines:
 Hospitalized for a period exceeding seven days.
 Confined to a residence for an extended period as a result of illness, injury or advanced age.
 Cost to be reasonable and appropriate considering circumstances and welfare of the Association.
 Some flexibility and discretion to be given to the Sick Committee’s good judgment in performing this function.
Notify the Executive of the death of a former member or the spouse of a member of the Association and contact the family to determine if they wish the attendance of members of the Vets at the funeral or memorial service.
A memorial tribute may be made on the death of a former member of the Force or the “spouse of a member of the Association” in the form of flowers or a donation to a charitable organization, as suggested by the family.
Upon the death of a former member of the Force, a floral tribute or wreath up to the value of $100 (taxes & delivery charges included) or in lieu of flowers, a donation of $100 to a Registered Canadian Charity as suggested by the family. An application for recovery of this amount for a former member will be made to National HQ as set out in Part 5 Chapter 5.1 HQ Administrative Manual.
Upon the death of a spouse or widow of a member of the Toronto Vet’s Association, a floral tribute in the amount of $50 (including taxes & delivery charges) or in lieu of flowers, a donation of $50 to an appropriate charity as suggested by the family.
Tributes for a spouse / widow are not recoverable from National HQ.
Amended February 28, 2012 to amend increase of donation to a charity to $100.00

APPENDIX 3 – Gravesite Inspections Policy

Under the direction of the Grave Inspection Manager, this Program is mandated to:
i) pay annual visits to the graves of deceased members that have a
regimental marker,
ii) record the grave location,
iii) maintain the markers in a readable condition,
iv) request corrective action of cemeteries in which grave markers
have deteriorated, i.e. sunken, fallen over, etc. and
v) report Regimental Markers that have been damaged to “O”
Division, R.C.M.P. for remedial action.
vi) request, through the office of the Commanding Officer, “O”
Division, a Regimental marker for the unmarked grave of a
qualifying member.
The Manager will submit an Annual Report of visits to each of the Greater Toronto Area Detachments which have gravesites in their area, and also to “O” Division Administration offices for Divisional records, with a copy to Toronto Division Executive.
The Manager of the Grave Inspection Program will work closely with the Manager, Historical Research Program in the identification and location of previously unknown grave sites of deceased former Members of the Force found during cemetery visits or revealed by historical research.

APPENDIX 4– Historical Research

Under the direction of the Historical Research Manager, this Program is mandated to:
i) Maintain a Toronto Division History
ii) Through research, identify and locate graves of deceased former
members of the R.C.M.P., R.N.W.M.P. and N.W.M.P.
iii) Provide Historical Research on the behalf of the R.C.M.P. and/or
the R.C.M.P.V.A. as and when requested.
The Manager will submit an Annual Report of research conducted to Toronto Division Executive and to other offices as circumstances dictate.
The Manager of the Historical Research Program will work closely with the Manager, Graves Inspection in the identification and location of previously unknown grave sites of deceased former members of then Force found through research.

APPENDIX 5 –M.O.U with Gym Grimshaw Enterprises, Inc.

(Note: The M.O.U. is a .pdf document and retained in Division records)
Signed by: _________________________ & _____________________________
(President) (Secretary)
At Toronto, Ontario this __________ day of __________________, 2014.